Preventative Dentistry

What to Expect from a Routine Dental Visit

A woman is greeted by a friendly dentist for her regular check up and dental cleaning.

Whether it is your first time to the dentist for a dental cleaning/ check up or if its been so long you have forgotten what to expect, we have compiled a summary of approximately how your routine dental appointment will go. If you are nervous or normally experience dental anxiety, we recommend reading through this…

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Are You at Risk of Periodontal Disease?

An illustration of plaque buildup on the teeth and gum line.

What is Periodontal Disease? Simply put, periodontal disease refers to the infection of the structures around the teeth, which includes the gums, bone tissue, and layers of the teeth, among others. Periodontal disease does not occur overnight, but is a disease that affects an individual in stages, with each stage developing more severe symptoms. What…

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Do I have a Tooth Abscess?

A woman experiences toothache and swelling as the result of a tooth abscess.

Do I have a Tooth Abscess? Bateria is the cause of many dental ailments, from Gingivitis to tooth decay, but one of the lesser known conditions it causes is a tooth abscess. What is a Tooth Abscess? This condition occurs when a bacterial infection creates a pocket of pus at the base of your teeth.…

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What your Dental Health should Mean to You

Woman looks after her dental hygiene by brushing her teeth

What your Dental Health should Mean to You Many people stick to a daily dental hygiene regime to have fresh breath and a dazzling bright smile, however, dental health extends way beyond that. The health of your mouth can have a major impact on your entire body’s well being. Your mouth is host to six…

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