Dentures (Full, partial, and implant-retained)

Dentures are removable artificial teeth that replace missing teeth in the mouth. With today’s technology, dentures are more natural and comfortable than ever before.

The two main types are full and partial dentures. Full dentures include an acrylic, flesh coloured base, shaped like a horseshoe that fits over your gums, while the upper denture covers the palate. The two halves are custom made to your mouth in a laboratory. Our dentists may then advise whether or not you should have a conventional full denture or immediate full denture.

The conventional option waits for the tissue in your mouth to heal after teeth have been removed, meaning you are without teeth for the time that your mouth is healing. The immediate option does not wait for healing but inserts the dentures immediately after teeth have been removed. These dentures may need to be relined after several weeks as they may start to become loose fitting after the bone heals.

Partial dentures are a removable alternative to bridges and sit on a metal framework that connects to your remaining natural teeth. Crowns may be placed onto your natural teeth to serve as anchors for the framework.

Another option is implant retained dentures, which instead of resting on the gums are attached to implants in the jaw bone. As with full or partial dentures, you would have to remove the retained dentures at night and would have to clean the dentures and the gum area daily.

There are bar-retained and ball retained dentures. Bar-retained dentures requires a thin bar of metal to follow the jawline and be attached via several implants in the jawbone. The denture fits to the bar by serval clip attachments. Ball-retained dentures use metal implants in the jawbone that have ball shaped attachments to them that fit into socket shaped attachments on the dentures.

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