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How Safe is Tooth Whitening?

An image of a woman's smile before and after receiving a tooth whitening treatment.

Over the years, tooth whitening treatments have developed greatly due to their rising popularity. But how safe are tooth whitening treatments? Is there a difference in safety when comparing at-home whitening products to professional whitening treatments? We have compiled the answers to your pressing tooth whitening questions to help you make the right decision for…

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Do I have a Tooth Abscess?

A woman experiences toothache and swelling as the result of a tooth abscess.

Do I have a Tooth Abscess? Bateria is the cause of many dental ailments, from Gingivitis to tooth decay, but one of the lesser known conditions it causes is a tooth abscess. What is a Tooth Abscess? This condition occurs when a bacterial infection creates a pocket of pus at the base of your teeth.…

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What your Dental Health should Mean to You

Woman looks after her dental hygiene by brushing her teeth

What your Dental Health should Mean to You Many people stick to a daily dental hygiene regime to have fresh breath and a dazzling bright smile, however, dental health extends way beyond that. The health of your mouth can have a major impact on your entire body’s well being. Your mouth is host to six…

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